All of the farmhouses are into the property, each of them has got an independent entrance. The houses are surrounded by fields and woods that are accessible freely only by the guest. You can reach and enjoy any part of Piano di Casciana from your house by walking. You can reach also the Percorso Vita, which is a path where you can physically exercise.
All of the houses are equipped with a private kitchen and all the needed tools, if the guests enjoy cooking there is the possibility to organize a private cooking lesson. Inside there is also a cable TV, which can reach only Italian channels.
The swimming pool is only for guests and each farmhouse has its own private accommodation with an umbrella, chairs and a reclining beach chair. The accommodations are around the swimming pool and each one is assigned to a specific house.
The facility is cabled so you can use the WiFi with your devices inside the property, anywhere. If needed a Desktop Computer is available and placed into the reception with a printer, it can be used only when the reception is open.
Please see below our farmhouse and pick your preferito one!