The Farm “Piano di Casciana” has a centuries-long tradition of care and passion for  the agricultural products. Although our company is in step with the times and evolved in an accommodation facility for tourists, the passion for the “earth” is always at the center of our activities.

Organic honey produced by Edoardo

edoardo-che-smielaEdoardo, the youngest son of the owners, is the one that best preserves the ancient family passion.
Despite his young age, he has started in 2013 the breeding of bees, producing several kinds of a excellent honey strictly organic. The main feature is the rainbow of flavors that this honey contains, as the craftsmanship of small amounts makes it possible that every honey extraction has its particular smell and taste, each jar preserves the scent of flowers and has, following the season,  a different taste: wildflowers, acacia, sunflower, chestnut which grown  in the area of Piano di Casciana.

Agricultural machinery (the earth)

The beauty of Piano Casciana is its history, which you will notice seeing the  old/antique machinery, many of them still work, the rural beauty of the buildings, the proximity to olive grove and animal stalls. Extended 22 hectares, the estate is partly cultivated of pastures of alfalfa, which has a fragrance and a unique taste that today you can find tasting the organic honey produced in the farm, while part of the land is also used for the production of organic vegetables that are consumed within the farm, in respect of seasonality and olive oil.

Petting zoo

A stay or a visit in Piano di Casciana brings you back in time, and allows younger (children are always welcome) to take possession of a genuine relationship with nature. Inside the farm a corner reserved for various typical animals of a farm, offers children the opportunity to “touch“, know them and observe them.
You can collect the eggs still warm from the nest, give carrots to the bunnies, play with the goats, pet a calf born recently, brush the mane of ponies and horses. On request, some activities can be illustrated: how make the cheese, how to make jam and how to knead the bread to be baked in the stone brick wood burning oven of the farm.
In addition you will learn all the secrets of the life of bees and honey production and will contribute to the work in the green garden, strictly organic. Do not miss a taste of what you can pick up for a really organic snack.
The opportunity to play freely in quiet and safely spaces make unforgettable your days spent on the farm.

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